Oklahoma City Thunder

This is a team with poor chemistry, little talent, and no inspiration.

Oklahoma City Thunder Coach

They are coached by P.J. Carlesimo, whose greatest NBA accomplishment was to be on the receiving end of attempted murder by one of his players during a previous coaching stint. Kevin Durant, their primary scorer, is perhaps the NBA's most overrated player. At the center position they are untalented and nonathletic. They have one quality power forward, Wilcox, who is undervalued and lacks basketball intelligence. Jeff Green is promising but he is also young and languishes behind the undeserving Durant. Perhaps most telling about this team is the simple fact that they have the worst set of guards in the league.

Future of Oklahoma City Thunder

The future for this team is not promising either. While they are young, they are simply a bad mix. They will likely need to have great success in the draft to even come close to making a playoff appearance in the next three years. This team is constructed around a player who will never live up to the expectations set for him coming out of the draft. To make things worse, the NBA has become a league where great guard play is rewarded above all else, and the Thunder have terrible guards.

What Oklahoma City Thunder Needs To Improve

For this team to be considered a playoff contender they need several things to happen. They must hire a new coach. Durant must become the second or even third option on offense. Wilcox should be traded for a dynamic guard capable of creating offense. Petro must develop in an offensive threat, and White must exceed all expectations to become a leader of this team.

2008 will be a very long season for the Thunder. Look for them to win no more than 19 games this year.

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