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    No tak update. Zmenil sa vypocet komise a nejak "zabudli" informovat?

    Matchbook has two different commission rates, depending on whether you accept another users offer, or whether they accept your offer. If you accept an existing offer in a market the standard commission rate will be 1.5%. If you post an offer, which another user then matches, the standard commission rate will be 0.75%.

    Will I get charged commission if my bet loses?

    Matchbook charges commission on volume so you will pay a small commission regardless of whether your bet wins or loses. The commission rate of 1.75%* or 0.75%* will be applied to the win amount on winning bets, or the lesser of the stake or potential win amount, for losing bets. In the case of a draw-no bet, you won't pay any commission on that particular bet.

    mate to vy na svojich "vip" uctoch inak?

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    e-mail z 31. októbra 2016, 15:01

    At Matchbook, we are committed to improving your betting experience. This starts by building a healthy and liquid exchange; each matched bet indicating two satisfied customers getting the odds they want for their requested stake.

    On November 1st, we are restructuring our commission rate to encourage customers to post more offers and improve the odds across all markets.

    New rates:

    0.75% commission on all posted offers.
    1.50% commission on all accepted offers.

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    Skoda, ze zatim nezacali prijimat BTC, to by jim pomohlo vice.

    How is commission charged effective from the 7th of August 2019?

    Matchbook will charge you a 2% commission only on your net profit on a market. You will not pay commission on losing bets.

    Will I ever be charged a different rate than 2%?

    Customers who meet or exceed the Thresholds (as defined below) may be charged one or a combination of the MB Rates which only apply to the Exchange and they are as follows:
    Commission rate up to 3.5% per bet (“Transactional Rate”); or
    Commission rate up to 5% of Gross Profit per market (“Market Commission Rate”); and/or
    Revenue share commission rate up to 60% of Net Profits per calendar month (“Revenue Share”)(which shall severally and jointly be referred to as the “MB Rates”)
    The thresholds are as follows:
    $1,000,000 (one million US Dollars) of Betting Volume; and/or
    $20,000 (twenty thousand US Dollars) of Betting Profit(which shall severally and jointly be referred to as the “Thresholds”).

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