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kdyz uz se s tim pisu...

The best part:

We all know the feeling of successfully overcoming fear. When we go to the dentist for treatment, we are worried a long time in advance. We lose control on the dentist’s chair and it hurts before it hurts. In anticipating this feeling, we bathe ourselves in fears that can completely overwhelm us. Once we have survived the treatment, there is a feeling of coping: the world looks young and fresh again, and we are suddenly full of drive.
(Sadly always after dentist or doctor I have more problems and inflammations - so I take it from this perspective).

Now you saw Zizek movie. He has many texts about western society, how we want something without the core of it. For example how we want beer without alcohol, smoking without cancer, cream without fat etc (here very good just 4 minutes video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrxk2WzrE14). That is point of western society.

Back to the article: I think that article is still the western bullshit, where - in Zizek terms - the person imagines some cafe in near future and everything is better. This is why for me this text is not believeable (as I got immediatelly scared of people with whom I have to take LSD for example and they expect just fireworks... they say ok, there will be problems, but in the end everything will be good; but what if they got lost completely in their mind? Are they prepared? It goes further - the best way how not to get mad after LSD is to be fully prepared with all consequences to actually becoming mad etc.).

The text is just a fake hope of someone who was thrown into void and wants to make something nice of it. World is not like that. If I were writing the text, I would start with autumn 2020 with dead corpses on streets and from that something new has to emerge (as always like after WWII).

This is exactly why I consider Europe to be lost and why I left. Even during the biggest catastrophies we pay the highest price just to avoid the consequences. This is why this society is on decline. People do everything just to avoid suffering. China is different - they locked down everybody and were ready to even shoot and now this approach was not even more effective but sadly for us, it was even more human approach, because in Europe will die much more people and conseqences will be much more dire.

Only those who are ready ti risk everything are the winners. Imagining now sitting in a cafe in 2020 is crazy for someone who probably until now just sit at cafes and universities. I would like to punch that guy to the face after reading it, but thank god, he lives in different universe than me.