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Téma: Betfair se "docasne" stahuje z Nemecka

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    Betfair se "docasne" stahuje z Nemecka

    Due to the continued regulatory challenges we have taken the decision to temporarily suspend the Betfair Affiliate programme in Germany.

    We are currently in the licencing process in Germany for Sports, Games and Poker and have already received a Sports betting licence in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. As it stands, we are in a good position to become a fully licensed operator. In order not to jeopardise our efforts, we have decided to pause our marketing activities for new customer acquisition across all channels and products for the time being.

    Therefore please remove any Betfair banners or text links from your German facing sites as soon as possible. We will be remotely deactivating any German media from the affiliate programme from tomorrow (16/10/12) and if any of our banners are still live, they will display a blank space.

    New German customer's referred from tomorrow (16/10/12) onwards will not be eligible for commission. We will of course continue to pay your commission on existing referred customers, who have opened an account until midnight today (15/10/12). New customers from other countries (including Austria and Switzerland) won't be affected and will be eligible for commission beyond 15/10/12.

    Please note that there will be no impact on existing customers and on our product offering. All our products and websites - particularly Betfair.com: Onlinewetten, Sportwetten, Pferderennen, Fußball | Wett-Poker, Casino & Games - will remain live and accessible for German customers without any restrictions.

    We appreciate your understanding and would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation. Further communication will be sent out once the situation changes going forward, which might be the case in a few weeks.
    Gambling feels like endless ejaculation

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    BF sa z jeho pohľadu rozhodol správne. Nemeckým orgánom vyslal správu že ich akceptuje a že sa bude chovať transparentne. Na druhej strane lišiacky bude dolovať nemecký trh ďalej. Účel svätí prostriedky.
    Zavrhli úmysl, který Bůh s nimi měl. (Lk 7,30)

    Království, jež bylo jednou rozvráceno, nelze obnovit. Tak jako mrtví nemohou být přivedeni zpět mezi živé. – Sun Tzu

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    As previously indicated, in July 2012 Germany introduced a law that applies a 5% tax on stakes on sports betting in the country. A tax at this rate, if applicable, would make Betfair's current exchange model unviable. Following detailed opinions provided by its legal and tax advisors, Betfair believes that, in regard to bets placed on its exchange, it is not an organiser of sports betting under the tax law and is not, therefore, liable for the tax.

    Betfair has been working with the relevant tax authorities to seek clarification on interpretation of the law and its applicability to exchanges. The company is disappointed, however, that to date the tax authorities have not been able to agree to an interpretation of the law that would allow Betfair to continue to offer the exchange product. Consequently, Betfair has decided to withdraw its exchange product from the German market.

    Following this decision, on-going contribution from Germany is expected to be de minimis and Betfair is reviewing its operations in this market. In FY12, approximately 4% of Core Betfair revenue came from Germany and this revenue delivered a contribution of approximately £6 million before the allocation of central costs.

    The company believes that it has fulfilled all of its obligations under German law, including the filing of necessary tax returns. Discussions are continuing with tax authorities regarding the potential tax liability, if any, arising from bets placed on its exchange since the law came into effect.


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    se nechaj osekat na kost
    Gambling feels like endless ejaculation

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    Tak po tom, co Betfair zrusil skoro vsude affil odmeny a zbylo vsehovsudy jen 12 zemi (Cesko mezi nimi), po pul roce opet trochu meni strategii.. Neni nad to mit nakou dlouhodobou koncepci..


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    Zajímavý, že je tam Grónsko a Dánsko ne...

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