Virtual Money Powers Online Wagering
BetJamaica offers new wagering option to increase betting power

On a weekend pack with sports action, the online gambler is faced with the daunting task to decide how best to place the funds available in their account. Join us at BetJamaica Obviously a big win on a game or two could make all the difference in placing the weekend's wagers. BetJamaica's Virtual Money wagering options introduces a new way to bet the weekend's games.

One of the problems affecting online bettors is the inability to have full-unfettered access to their own wagering power, constantly having money tied up in bets and not having it available for the option of making further wagers.

Unlike with bookies, online Sportsbooks rarely play with credit. Customers are only allowed to play with actual money deposited into their accounts. That being said, if money is tied up and they are waiting for bets to be graded, what are they supposed to do if they want to take another game?

The excellent example of this case occurs every NFL Sunday. The turnover time between the end of the 1 pm ET games and the start of the 4 pm ET games is usually less than 15 minutes, and that does not include if your game is going to overtime or has extended longer than normal. If money is tied up in those 1 pm games and you are waiting for the winnings to place on the next set of games, you're unable to proceed.

That's no longer the case at BetJamaica explained General Manager Scotty Johnson, 'Our customers can now take advantage of a new option called virtual money, an option that gives bettors more wagering power. The virtual money idea was created to help bettors have more options if they are waiting on a bet grade and no more funds are available for use. Virtual money simply solves the problem of lacking the necessary funds to play when you want to. With virtual money, customers can place a bet without worrying if all their money is in play.'

No worriesWith virtual money, if you like a game but lack the funds to place the wager, no worries either. You like a game, you bet it! BetJamaica will allow you to place that wager, provided you win your existing wager. If your previous wager is graded as a loss, the second wager becomes null and void as if you never placed the wager.

So what is the negative side of virtual money some might ask? Well, frankly this betting option only benefits customers. It gives further wagering power to customers and allows them to more freely use the Sportsbook without worrying about divvying up their funds appropriately. Not only for the NFL but also applicable to all our Sportsbook offerings. Baseball, basketball and even hockey have daily games all throughout their respective seasons, and when games overlap each other customers will get the chance to take what they want in a timely manner.
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